Organize a Fundraiser
in Five Easy Steps


Come up with an activity that is meaningful to you, that is in tune with your reality and that you think will make a difference in children’s lives.
Ask yourself:
What the purpose of my fundraiser?
Who do I hope to reach out to?

Where will the event take place?

When will the event take place?
How will the money be collected?
Avoid fronting your own money but feel free to approach potential sponsors or partners for support.
Ask yourself:
What expenses will need to be incurred to make my fundraiser happen?
Who can I ask to be a corporate sponsor?

Where can I find potential sources of revenue?
Should I draft a budget?


Submit your idea and/or create your fundraising page
Email your fundraising advisor for authorization Provide a detailed explanation, along with your full contact information. Explain why you wish to raise funds on the Club’s behalf.
If you opt to raise funds online, fill out the necessary form
All fields are required and will help you build a personalized fundraising page.
Read the fundraising terms and conditions before sending your completed registration form.
Submit your completed form
Please note that Breakfast Club of Canada reserves the right to delete any pages that are inconsistent with its standards or values.
Make your fundraising page your own
A default page will be generated using the information you put in your form. You can use this page to promote your activity. Take the time to personalize it and make any changes that will help you maximize the visibility and impact of your fundraiser.

Ideas for customizing your fundraising page:
Add an attention-getting picture or video.
Update the description of your fundraiser and refresh it regularly.

Enter your donations directly into the website so you can keep tabs on your progress in real time.
Adjust your stated target in line with your results.


Get the word out!
There are many ways to leverage the visibility of your event by reaching out to friends, family, colleagues and the general public. Remember: the more people you get involved, the greater your chances your fundraiser will be a success!
Send emails to your network of contacts and invite them to make an online donation. This part is a snap once your personalized fundraising page is up and running.
Ask the Club for free official promotional materials (posters, balloons, donation boxes, brochures, etc.).
The local media can be an excellent source of publicity. Ask around!
You are allowed to use the Breakfast Club of Canada logo BUT you must run all materials by us BEFORE they go out, so we can make sure they are in keeping with our image and our values. For more information, ask your fundraising advisor or read the most recent version of our standards guidelines


Send us the proceeds
Please forward all offline donations via a cheque made out to Breakfast Club of Canada within 60 days of your event, confirming the total amount raised, your name, the name of your fundraiser and the name of your fundraising advisor.


Say thank you!
Once your activity has wrapped up, it is important to take a moment to thank all those who contributed to its success. Let them know what the final outcome is, and be sure to invite them to consider renewing their generosity at your next event.

Please note that door-to-door canvassing on behalf
of Breakfast Club of Canada is strictly prohibited.